how do you hug someone’s soul?

I really enjoyed this post from thegodguy on spiritual hugs!

The comparison between physical touch and spiritual caring clicked for me and emphasizes the importance of fellowship with others. We can care for one another on so many levels–whether that be a hug, a deep conversation, or simple, heartwarming smile. I am so thankful to have people in my life to give hugs and get hugged by; both spiritually and physically!

I have also become more attuned to the hugs that Jesus gives me every day. I am constantly becoming more aware of His love and pursuit of my soul; through blessings & challenges, heart-shaping time in prayer, and even tweets that speak to me as His little messages.

Take a moment to check out thegodguy’s post and consider how your soul has been hugged recently! (Plus, the kittens in the featured photo are super cute!)

How do you hug someone’s soul?.