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I have been so blessed during my journey as Miss Greater Richmond 2013 to have been overwhelmed with support from my family, friends, and community. Several businesses and individuals have been so kind as to have contributed goods, services, or funds to help me prepare for the Miss Virginia pageant in June. I am so thankful for their generosity and will be taking some time to tell you all how amazing they are here on my blog. Additionally, all my sponsors will be featured on the Miss Greater Richmond 2013 page.


Pure Barre Charlottesville

It would be an underestimate for me to say I’m obsessed with Pure Barre. I’m actually addicted. I have never been a huge fan of working out. My activities of choice growing up were dance (ballet, jazz, tap) along with theater, music, and art, so athletic-conditioning style workouts have never “clicked” well with me. I’ve pushed through Cardio Kickboxing, Body Pump, and even pretended I liked running (I planned to sign up for a half marathon for about 3 days–that was a joke!), but I never stuck with a routine very well.

Pure Barre has been a whole different story. As in, I wake up at 5:30 AM to go to the 6 AM class. And I’ve always been the last thing from a morning person! For some reason, these intense workouts that incorporate a series of isometric movements to target the entire body have me hooked! Although it’s harder some days than others, I “hit the barre” each day looking forward to a good workout and leave feeling great!

So what is PB? Like I said, each workout uses small, isometric movements to target your thighs, seat, abs, and arms, and burn fat and calories along the way. PB promotes itself as “the fastest, most effective way to change the shape of your body” and I can personally say, I have seen amazing results! They say clients will see results after 10 classes, but I could feel my body getting stronger, more flexible, and leaner even quicker. The tagline “lift . tone . burn” sums up the PB mission and is a great motivator!

Each class will leave your muscles completely fatigued and shaking after each exercise (“Shaking legs are changing legs!”). After targeting each muscle group–arms, thighs, seat, abs–thorough stretching is done to lengthen said muscle. Additionally, the exercises are safe and no-impact to protect the joints. This joint-friendly creation of long, lean, non-bulky muscle is perfect for pageant land because the results for swimsuit are awesome and the workouts complement my dancing quite well!


On top of it all, the classes are set to great music and the instructors are awesome! The max class size is 25, so you get a lot of personal attention to make sure you’re properly executing the technique. The instructors are all so sweet and encouraging–many of the inspiring “Pure Barre-isms” have crept into my database of daily go-to phrases! I’ve also been so impressed by how committed the PB staff is to getting to know each client’s name and a little bit about them. Valerie Morini, the Charlottesville PB franchise owner, has been so generous to sponsor me with unlimited classes in preparation for Miss Virginia, and for that I can’t thank her enough!

Come join me at PB–I don’t always go at 6 AM and would be happy to join anyone at an alternate time if you want to give it a try!

lift . tone . burn


Pure Barre Charlottesville

2200 Old Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
ph: 434-245-1119
e: charlottesville@purebarre.com

Facebook: Pure Barre Charlottesville