Happy Halloween! I love these cute & creative pumpkins featured by The Preppy Princess. My favorites are the Lilly patterns and monogrammed pumpkins! Enjoy!

The Preppy Princess

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Monday that is a more-than-a-little-scary for a lot of people. We thought it might be a good day to share something cheerful, so we’ll do our annual Preppy Pumpkins post.

We begin with these damask pumpkins by Confessions of a Plate Addict, they just seem to exude elegance.

Those fond of ikat and chevrons will appreciate these by Alisa Burke.

These come via the ‘Whatever’ blog, I love the bright colors.

These vibrant pumpkins were used to display a house number in addition to a bright bit of decoration.

There is actually a wonderful tutorial on how to do these yourself, great step-by-step directions.

Of course, if you are thinking about monogramming one of these, there’s no shortage of idea, here’s a stellar example  from our pals at Fashion Meets Food.

Here is another DIY Tutorial via Personalized from Me to…

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phi mu is love

Last night my pledge class and I had the bittersweet opportunity as seniors to share with the rest of our sisterhood some of the most important memories from our college years. While I listened to others share their most precious moments, I must admit that my eyes glistened as I was reminded of the deep bonds of friendship that have been built in such a short period of time. Why then, did the touching and personal stories fail to leave me weeping like others when I read my own aloud?

I am in denial. Complete and utter denial.

The fact that Graduation is only a mere two months away and the impending date looms closer each day is one that I mentally push aside, unable to admit the implications to myself. It’s a lot easier to spend these last moments as a student at Roanoke College pretending that everything isn’t about to change and ignoring the fact that friends who have become such a big part of my life will no longer be across the hall or down the street come September. I don’t think it’s too much to say that there will be an intense physical pain associated with the realization that pieces of my heart, whisked away by my friends and confidantes, will be carried away after May to various ends of the Earth. I don’t even want to think about what summer will be like without the joyful promise of reuniting with my pink ladies in Sunny Salem in a few short months. I can’t imagine what it will be like to start classes at a foreign campus, making acquaintances who will hopefully become friends but can never fill the void created by the absence of making memories with Phi Mu sisters every day.

The Class of 2012 on Fall Bids Day, 2009. I had no idea what was ahead of me and how special these women are!

My only solace is that I know in many of my sisters I have found best friends for life. I have never felt so strongly that friendships will last and that there are so many memories to be made in the future. I’m comforted by the fact that a few of my best friends who graduated last year still remain close to me despite our physical distance from one another and we can go right back to where we left off when they return to visit. I’m encouraged that friendships will last when I hear of women who graduated several years ago getting together on a regular basis and communicating often, although the miles between them probably remain hard to bear.

I truly feel sorry for those who have not experienced the type of bond that being a part of a sorority creates and the heartache caused by the ephemeral nature of the time living together. I’ve been asked several times if Greek Life is relevant or necessary in our world today. Being a member of Phi Mu has made me a better and more well-rounded person. It’s forced me to get to know people who are very different from myself, who probably wouldn’t be more than acquaintances otherwise, that are now people I am proud to call friends. It’s caused be to be less judgemental. Instead of dismissing someone because they hang out with different people than I do or engage in activities I may not, for example, I have learned to look past those outer elements to the person’s character. And there are quite a few “characters” who have become dear to me, might I add! Phi Mu has given me new leadership challenges and social opportunities. If that isn’t relevant, I’m not sure what is! To the Greek Life “haters” out there, I simply will never, ever agree with you.

With some of my closest friends, February 2012.

My mom has shared with me in the past that she still misses her college friends and sometimes even has dreams that she’s back in Lewisburg, PA having a good time. While I certainly hope that college is not the best four years of my life (a dim prospect for the future), I am certain that it will be the most reminisced about and evoke the most nostalgia. It’s definitely been the best years of my life so far and even the little memories–becoming close with my pledge class, spending way too much time/money at Mac & Bob’s, brunch at the Back Table in Commons, and lounging around at Hotel Market–will always be cherished.

On that note, I’ll get back to experiencing the fun and feeling the tug on my heartstrings grow stronger as May 5th gets closer each day. Phi Mu, you are love.

being more productive

My friend, Caitlin, shared a great piece of advice with me that she uses to help get chores accomplished that she just doesn’t feel like doing: she commits to working on the task for just ten minutes.

It’s so simple and it really does work! This past week my bedroom has transformed from a tidy oasis to scenes from an episode of Hoarders. After finally doing several loads of laundry that desperately needed washing, I ran out of time to fold everything and, alas,  the clothing remained in the laundry basket (becoming hopelessly wrinkled, might I add!). Since my laundry basket doubles as my hamper, all dirty clothes generated since laundry day have found homes all over my floor. This description really does not paint an effective picture of the madness, but I am really just too embarrassed to post a photo.

Cleaning the mess is a daunting task, so today I took Caitlin’s advice and tidied up for ten minutes. The philosophy behind this method is that either you will 1.) get on a roll and continue what you’re doing after the ten minutes have passed, possibly completely finishing the job, or 2.) stop after ten minutes have passed and at least you made some progress.

I went with option 2 this time. :)

What tips/tricks help you get undesirable tasks completed?


Okay, I admit it. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I mentioned the site in my previous post, but my love for pinning deserves it’s own. Perhaps it’s the Art Historian in me, but something about a site with a wealth of visual stimuli at my fingertips is endlessly entertaining. I have expanded my boards to cover everything I enjoy, from DIY projects and recipes to fashion and travel.

The Pinterest craze has certainly taken hold, as many of my friends are also consumed with pinning and repinning and then pinning some more. My roommate’s mom has become so enthralled with the site that she has posted over 2000 pins in only a few weeks—I need to catch up! What I love about Pinterest is that it’s a one-stop site; you can view information from hundreds of blogs and websites all in one place, pin ideas, and save them for later. I’ve already been inspired to create several recipes and holiday ideas and have many on my to-do list. Fun pins other than those that prompt realistic projects are what I like to call Fantasy Pins/Fantasy Boards: perfect wedding ideas, dream homes, and fabulous travel.  While many of those ideas will never come to fruition, it’s always fun to dream!

Pinterest is extremely popular and growing, but my question is whether it’s a fad or something that will take hold? I imagine that I would continue to enjoy pinning long-term, but wonder if my schedule will become too busy at some point to find time for it. Okay, probably not true, I’m sure I always can “find” time to be distracted online… What are your thoughts? Do you think Pinterest will be around long-term or will it fade away like Myspace? Have you started pinning yet?

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest; my username is: charfraser

a case of senioritis

I know a lot of my peers have been affected by a plague going around the Class of 2012… a bad case of senioritis. With graduation only a little more than 2 months away, grad school apps completed, acceptance already granted to Vanderbilt’s Peabody School of Education, and spring break days away, hitting the books tends to fall down on the list of desirable activities. Especially  when I can explore Pinterest instead!

As you can tell, senioritis inhibited my ability to keep up with my blog posts almost immediately upon starting the semester last fall. But now I’m back again and hope to keep you entertained with posts about anything and everything; a new approach, since I was previously more focused on pageant-related blogs. Please let me know what you’re interested in reading about and feel free to subscribe to this blog and comment on posts.