It’s been quite some time since I last posted! When I think about all the things that have occurred in my life over the past few months and realize the last time I posted was about fall outerwear, I feel overwhelmed with blessings and totally superficial!

The most major event that has taken place since I’ve blogged was winning the Miss Greater Richmond 2013 title. Pageants and the Miss Virginia program have been a big part of my life over the past 8 years or so, and they have been a huge lesson in perseverance and faith. I have learned through pageants that I am not in control, and  have improved in my ability to trust God for His plan, putting my life in His hands (although I still have quite a way to go towards being truly proficient in this…). A reminder that before the pageant even begins, God knows who the winner is, has been an important message I’ve learned to accept and delight in–it is calming and refreshing to know that the outcome is out of my hands (thanks to Victoria Maiden for that one!).

Many other areas of my life have felt like they are in flux around me, like I’m tossing and turning in a little ship on the great sea of life with no way to control my path. I’ve certainly tried to create oars to make my own way, but time and time again they crack and I’m reminded that I’m not in charge. School, my career, Miss Virginia, finances, relationships, my own sanity…I’ve felt like making any type of progress is an unachievable task at times!

However, in the midst of all of this, I’ve been given support and blessings that make me realize everything is going to be okay. Seriously. Sometimes it just helps to say it slowly. Everything is going to be okay. How refreshing is that!?

Winning Miss Greater Richmond is the perfect example of a Master Plan at work. Many of you who are close to me know that my journey towards Miss Virginia has been filled with many trials. There have been countless times I have walked away from a local pageant, wondering what I should have done differently, why the judges didn’t see the light of “Miss Whoever” inside of me, and wondering if this was just not for me. It seems that December 15, 2012, everything fell into place. I felt confident, strong, and clear-headed that God would do His will, regardless of the outcome. I left with a crown on my head and a heart filled with joy! I have been blessed with a director who sees the potential for greatness within me that I have doubted so frequently, and is constantly pushing me to be the best version of me that I can be. The door has been opened for me to touch lives in a way that warms my heart and makes me feel like I truly have a purpose on this earth.

My journey as Miss Greater Richmond has only begun, and I am eager to see what experiences have yet to come. I feel like I am truly part of a family within this organization and the Miss Virginia Organization as a whole. It reaches far beyond the amazing sisterhood I have with my fellow contestants  (which have also multiplied and grown) and includes parents, local directors, volunteers, and RANDOM PEOPLE who touch my life without even knowing it.

I am so so so very thankful for this opportunity, and I pray for the strength to do it justice. My true hope is to bring a little sparkle into the lives of others (& possibly literally, too–although most venues frown upon throwing glitter around…)

I am excited to see how I will continue to grow as a person and how the relationships in my life will develop and flourish. I have been overwhelmed with the support of friends, family, and my community. For this I am forever grateful. The journey has just started!


To God be the Glory!


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