Happy Halloween! I love these cute & creative pumpkins featured by The Preppy Princess. My favorites are the Lilly patterns and monogrammed pumpkins! Enjoy!

The Preppy Princess

Hello-Hello and welcome to a Monday that is a more-than-a-little-scary for a lot of people. We thought it might be a good day to share something cheerful, so we’ll do our annual Preppy Pumpkins post.

We begin with these damask pumpkins by Confessions of a Plate Addict, they just seem to exude elegance.

Those fond of ikat and chevrons will appreciate these by Alisa Burke.

These come via the ‘Whatever’ blog, I love the bright colors.

These vibrant pumpkins were used to display a house number in addition to a bright bit of decoration.

There is actually a wonderful tutorial on how to do these yourself, great step-by-step directions.

Of course, if you are thinking about monogramming one of these, there’s no shortage of idea, here’s a stellar example  from our pals at Fashion Meets Food.

Here is another DIY Tutorial via Personalized from Me to…

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