life after college

Once again, blogging came to a halt, but I’m trying to get better and am aiming to post twice a week. Last time I posted, I was in the midst of Senior spring semester, which involved writing an honors thesis, panicking about life after graduation, and being accepted to graduate school at UVA! Now back in my hometown, I’ve had a myriad of adventures and good times with friends and family. Here are some highlights:

Taking part in a Roanoke College tradition. Seniors are invited to burn their names into the bookcases in the basement of the President’s home. I happened to sign near someone who shared my dad’s initials–“ALF”!

Roanoke College Graduation, May 5, 2012
Graduated Magna Cum Laude and with Honors in my Major!

Phi Mu Gamma Eta Class of 2012

Fridays After Five with new friends from grad school!

More fun times with grad school friends!

Courtney’s graduation from Albemarle High School. She is now a freshman at Virginia Tech!

I had a great time in June supporting my Miss VA sisters as the took the stage for competition. It was so exciting to see Rosemary Willis win–I competed with her in her first local EVER, Miss Portsmouth-Seawall 2010.

I moved into my apartment in July! It’s so nice to have my own space!

I *sadly* had to miss the annual family trip to Hatteras, NC due to the summer start of grad school. I did get to enjoy a long weekend in Colonial Beach, VA with James and his family. We really enjoyed spending time on the boat and enjoying this beautiful sunset!

I hosted a fabulous tailgate for the first home football game! It was such a blast and I had so much fun planning the food, decor, etc. My passion for event planning really was sparked! Please note the football-shaped Oreo truffles, my pride and joy. I painstakingly made them from a recipe found on Pinterest. Delicious and adorable!

Jordyn and I have been spending a LOT of time together, as we are a few of the only Phi Mu alumnae in Virginia! We had a great time showing our Wahoo spirit at the Wake Forest game!

I got a KITTEN and I absolutely ADORE her! Her name is Cleo and she’s the cutest little nugget. I’m cultivating my “cat lady” persona…more updates to come!

These are only a few of the fun things I’ve done, and I will do my best to be better with future updates! Be back soon!

xx CEF


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