Okay, I admit it. I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I mentioned the site in my previous post, but my love for pinning deserves it’s own. Perhaps it’s the Art Historian in me, but something about a site with a wealth of visual stimuli at my fingertips is endlessly entertaining. I have expanded my boards to cover everything I enjoy, from DIY projects and recipes to fashion and travel.

The Pinterest craze has certainly taken hold, as many of my friends are also consumed with pinning and repinning and then pinning some more. My roommate’s mom has become so enthralled with the site that she has posted over 2000 pins in only a few weeks—I need to catch up! What I love about Pinterest is that it’s a one-stop site; you can view information from hundreds of blogs and websites all in one place, pin ideas, and save them for later. I’ve already been inspired to create several recipes and holiday ideas and have many on my to-do list. Fun pins other than those that prompt realistic projects are what I like to call Fantasy Pins/Fantasy Boards: perfect wedding ideas, dream homes, and fabulous travel.  While many of those ideas will never come to fruition, it’s always fun to dream!

Pinterest is extremely popular and growing, but my question is whether it’s a fad or something that will take hold? I imagine that I would continue to enjoy pinning long-term, but wonder if my schedule will become too busy at some point to find time for it. Okay, probably not true, I’m sure I always can “find” time to be distracted online… What are your thoughts? Do you think Pinterest will be around long-term or will it fade away like Myspace? Have you started pinning yet?

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest; my username is: charfraser


5 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. This is such a fun post, probably because I am such a huge Pinterest fan as well! I wish there was an ipad app that was better than what I have seen, although it hasn’t stopped me from spending way too much time on it on that device as well!

    Sending you a smile,

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