being more productive

My friend, Caitlin, shared a great piece of advice with me that she uses to help get chores accomplished that she just doesn’t feel like doing: she commits to working on the task for just ten minutes.

It’s so simple and it really does work! This past week my bedroom has transformed from a tidy oasis to scenes from an episode of Hoarders. After finally doing several loads of laundry that desperately needed washing, I ran out of time to fold everything and, alas,  the clothing remained in the laundry basket (becoming hopelessly wrinkled, might I add!). Since my laundry basket doubles as my hamper, all dirty clothes generated since laundry day have found homes all over my floor. This description really does not paint an effective picture of the madness, but I am really just too embarrassed to post a photo.

Cleaning the mess is a daunting task, so today I took Caitlin’s advice and tidied up for ten minutes. The philosophy behind this method is that either you will 1.) get on a roll and continue what you’re doing after the ten minutes have passed, possibly completely finishing the job, or 2.) stop after ten minutes have passed and at least you made some progress.

I went with option 2 this time. :)

What tips/tricks help you get undesirable tasks completed?


5 thoughts on “being more productive

  1. I like to keep a schedule and plan time during the week for unpleasant things like laundry. While I am waiting for my laundry to wash I start a movie. Then I set an alarm to change it over, then finish the movie while it is drying and I am folding. Almost every week it is the perfect amount of time and I get a little movie treat for doing my laundry!

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