Are you a fan or a fanatic? (via Serve In The Light of Truth)

If you follow me on Twitter (@charfraser) you may be wondering what some of my recent Tweets have been about. I have been taking part in the #40Answers campaign, sponsored by Sigma Nu Fraternity and The campaign is a 40 day program leading up to National Hazing Prevention Week in September in which a different excuse for hazing is posted each day. Followers are then supposed to counteract that excuse. The idea is that the conversation will allow hazing prevention advocates to combat hazing excuses in real-world senarios. The “#40Answers” tag is included in each post–for those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it basically creates a link on your post that connects it to a group with all other posts including that same tag. This way, everyone can see each others posts. We’re currently on day 10 and I’ve been following each day, finding the various excuses typical, as I’ve heard them many times in my own experiences. The responses are thoughtful and enlightening. Get on Twitter and follow along!

The following post by Sigma Nu (who shares Phi Mu’s values of Love, Honor, & Truth) explains the campaign in more detail…

Are you a fan or a fanatic? It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle We all have strong convictions about something. It could be a political belief ("taxes hurt small businesses"), or a historical narrative ("FDR ended the Great Depression") or even the eminence of a favorite sports team ("Chicago Cubs are the best baseball team ever"). Maybe it's something as simple as a favorite TV show ("Hands down, Entourage i … Read More

via Serve In The Light of Truth


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